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Government overreach for internet records

Remember the protest at President Trump’s inauguration. There were hundreds of thousands in Washington and about a million when you consider all the marches in other cities, according to estimates in the Washington Post. Around 200 of those hundreds of thousands in Washington were indicted on rioting charges. Most of the rest were peaceful protesters.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is demanding that DreamHost turn over records on website associated with those protests, its owner and the 1.3 million visitors to the site.
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The Presidential dilemma

President Trump is stuck with the presidential dilemma of his own making. I did not support the now President Trump in the general election. He had shown no sign of being a good president and many signs of being a bad president but after his election promised to be be a President for all Americans. Unfortunately nearly everything he has done since then has indicated he is only interested in pleasing his base and, of course, protecting himself and maybe his family.

So the presidential dilemma is how should he acknowledge the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend.
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Democracy Amendments and change for the better

Our democracy is in trouble.  Our political system is broken.  We have seen these problems growing and continuing to get worse.  How can our democracy be saved? Does “The Democracy Amendments”  hold the answer?

The full title is “The Democracy Amendments: How to Amend Our U.S. Constitution to Rescue Democracy for All Citizens”. The author is Rick Hubbard. It is available in both Kindle and paperback editions.

I think Rick Hubbard identified the problem and suggested a solution and I agree that it would be nice.  However, I don’t think this or any like it will happen anytime soon.

Still, I think the book worthwhile.  It gives a good summary of many problems with our democracy.  It proposes a solution.  Not a solution that I think will work but important because we will never solve this or any other problem without a good idea about the proper direction of move.

In the 2016 election many people voted for change.  Unfortunately the result seems not to be a change for the better,  I hope this book and more like it will get the people thinking about change and the type of change that will be good for our democracy.

The people can change our democracy.  Let’s hope the next time that we will have change for the better.   It will be a difficult road and we will face a good bit of resistance. It may take more time than some would like but it can be done.

A healthcare fraud and disaster and Senator Lindsey Graham

A healthcare fraud and disaster was prevented last week.

Now that is has been a few days since I last wrote about the disaster that was the Republican plan to break our health care system. Thankfully that plan was defeated. For now, millions of people who would have been thrown of Medicaid are safe. Hospital depending on Medicaid funds are safe. Planned Parenthood can continue providing low cost health care.
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Trump makes us stronger says MS-13

Members of MS-13 think that President Trump’s immigration crackdown and roundups of illegal immigrants have made them stronger. It is an interesting look at gang violence, fear in a community, illegal immigrants deportation and the so called Sanctuary Cities.

View the interviews on CNN.

Broken Care by Republicans

Somewhat ironically, I think, the Senate bill is called the ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017’ or just BRCA. It is very unlikely to result in better care. Millions of people will lose their health insurance and access to health care. And millions more will see their out-of-pocket costs rise. States will receive lower Medicare funding. Hospitals will go broke.

I think BRCA means Broken Care by Republicans Act. The bill or whatever version finally passes the Senate has the correct acronym but somehow the politicians have the words wrong. Clearly the BC is Broken Care. It certainly is a product of Republicans, so there is the R. The A is Act but perhaps one of my readers can think of a better A word.

Election integrity or voter suppression

Is it election integrity or voter suppression? That is the question about President Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

Over the past few years Republicans have championed stricter voting requirements which they claim are needed for election integrity. But Democrats claim these requirements are a form of voter suppression since they disenfranchise large numbers of voters, most of whom are members of groups more likely to vote for the Democrat.
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Net neutrality explained by analogy

Net neutrality has been much in the news lately. The Trump FCC is ready to roll back the rules to benefit corporations over consumers.

It is an important issue but perhaps a bit difficult to understand. The folks at NPR Marketplace have explained it by offering a series of analogies. The Marketplace article is very non-technical and uses analogies such as ordering a pizza or paying protection money to the mob.
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Bipartisan healthcare plan

Are we ready to try for a bipartisan healthcare plan ?

The Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 has not yet been passed. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell developed his plan in secret and was then not able to get the 50 votes he needed to get it through the Senate by the July 4 recess.

The Majority leader is still working toward 50 and probably modifying the Bill to help get there. It is a very tricky task modifying it to make it more palatable to extremely conservative Senators without adding some provisions that will cause the loss of support of other Senators.
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Two Paths: America Divided or United by John Kasich

John Kasich  is a 2 term governor of Ohio and a former  U.S. congressman. In the House of Representatives he was on the Armed Services Committee and was chairman of the  Budget  Committee the last time we had a balanced budget.  So he does know a bit about governing and fiscal matters. Continue reading

Healthcare follies

What do I mean by healthcare follies? The definition of follies I had in mind is “the state or quality of being foolish; lack of understanding or sense” or perhaps absurdity . How does healthcare tie-in?

Healthcare is not absurd. But the actions we have seen recently and may see more of in the near future do bring the word “follies” to mind.
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Interesting reconciliation process. (Fun with Healthcare)

Assuming Mitch McConnell is able to twist enough arms in the weeks ahead, we may see an interesting reconciliation process. Of course it could be done in secret which would take most of the fun out of it. But we may be set for an interesting debate.

The House has already passed the American Health Care Act of 2017 which the Congressional Budget Office estimates would throw about 23 million off the healthcare insurance rolls by 2026.

The Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 has not yet been passed. In present form the Congressional Budget Office estimates it will increase the number of people who are uninsured by 22 million in 2026.

If the Senate bill is passed, we will see the reconciliation process. Perhaps there will be an argument about whether it is better to increase the uninsured by 22 or 23 million.

Griese MacKenzie SC, VA, PA, Cape Breton

Griese Mackenzie … is kind of an odd title.  But it goes back to a book I was reading.  Let me explain.

Now that I know where my MacKenzie (or McKenzie) great grandfather came from (Middle River, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia), I decided to look at another MacKenzie from the same town.  The Griese comes from a Reverend Griese who is a descendant of Neil McKenzie and visited Middle River in 2001.
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Thomas Allingham of Glencar Leitrim and children

I’ve written a good bit about my line of descent from Thomas ALLINGHAM. Thomas Allingham (c1798-1883) was a farmer in Sracreeghan, Killasnet Parish, Co. Leitrim, Ireland. This part of the parish was called Glencar or Glenlough. Now I want to briefly fill-in what I know of the rest of the family.

First thing I don’t know the name of his wife or for that matter if the same wife was mother to all these children. On his daughter Ruth’s death certificate it is stated that her mother in Jane Allingham. So I do have a first name for at least 1 child.

So here are the children I know. At least I believe these are correct with varying degrees of certainty. I’ll add a few words about why I think these are correct.

Elizabeth Allingham, 1826–1909

The only record I have in Ireland is her marriage to John McBrien in 1856. This took place in Glenlough, Leitrim, Ireland and Thomas was name as her father. Since several children were born in Ireland, there are those records but they don’t add anything to a discussion of which family she was born into. The McBriens emigrated to Ontario. Her death record also confirms Thomas as her father. I’ve estimated her birth year from the death record.

Jane ALLINGHAM, 1830–

I have very little on her. She married William Algeo in Killasnet, Leitrim, Ireland. The record list her father as Thomas so I think she belongs with this family. She had a child named Ann Algeo. I am not very confident about this one and the birth year is just a wild guess.

Ruth ALLINGHAM, 1835–1887

This one I am very sure about. Ruth is my 2nd great-grandmother and I’ve written about her several times (see glencarleitrim.wordpress.com and this blog. The birth year is an estimate. She married Matthew Greer in Glenlough, Leitrim, Ireland in 1854. After Matthew’s death she emigrated to New York City with her younger children to meet her older children who were already there.

Anne ALLINGHAM, 1838–

She was named executor of her father’s will I have little else but she definitely belongs in this family. I don’t believe she everymarried and the year of birth is a guess without any real basis.

Margaret ALLINGHAM, 1840–

She married William Irwin in Killasnet, Leitrim, Ireland and the record listed her father as Thomas. I don’t know much after that.

Robert Allingham, 1855–1890

I know very little except he was named as Thomas’ brother on a military record (see below). I also know he was a member of The Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC). So I’m pretty confident he belong to this family.

John ALLINGHAM, 1861–1915

He married Sarah Martin in Dublin and named Thomas of Sracreeghan as his father. He was a member of the RIC and was present at the death of Thomas

Thomas ALLINGHAM, 1865–

Military record named John and Robert of RIC as brothers. And I am very sure about John. The record also gave year of birth and indicated he was from Leitrim.

So here is the list I said was coming.

Race for the Flash Stone by K. Patrick Donoghue

Race for the Flash Stone is the second of a series. I liked the first one Shadows of the Stone Benders much more than expected and reviewed it last year). It did not seem like the type of book I would enjoy. But the write-up I saw on Netgalley was interesting. So I thought I would give it a try.

For those who are not familiar with Netgalley, it is a website for those who like to read an Advance Reading Copy (ARC) of books and are willing to share an opinion of the book. In my case, I write reviews.
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