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Is Marie Greer really Maria Dresher ?

I was looking at the John Greer and Julia Hopkins Family of New York again and noticed a coincidence or maybe not.

I had noted a daughter Marrie born around 1909 who seems to have died in childhood, I assume the name is actually Marie or maybe Mary or Maria and it was just written with two “r”s in the 1910 census when she was less than a year old. I had assumed Marie Greer died young because she did not appeared in the 1915 New York census or any subsequent census records. Lottie is still Lottie Greer in the 1910 census.

But the 1915 census shows the daughter Lottie as Lottie Dresher with 2 daughters Maria Dresher (age 6) and Rita Dresher (age 2). Lottie and her daughters are living with her mother.

A few years later Lottie Greer married John Hefferman and in the 1920 census Rita has apparently taken the Hefferman name but Maria or Mary has not.

Then in 1925 Marie is living with her grandmother but the last name is hard to read – looks like Hembon, Hemfon, Hernbon. or Hernfon.

I should also mention that in each case the age is consistent with a 1909 birth.

There are a few mysteries here.

Are all these Maries/Marias/Marys the same person? If not, who is Marie Hembron?

Did Lottie marry Mr. Dresher (first name unknown)? If so, why did she use Greer when she married a second time?

Any comments with general suggestions or specifics on these questions are welcome.

Lucy Greer Collins born 1859 Sligo Ireland

Lucy Greer Collins was probably born about 1859. Lucy Greer was probably born in Sligo town, Sligo, Ireland to Matthew Greer and Ruth Allingham of Glencar in County Leitrim.

I had not known of Lucy’s existence before finding an abstract of a New York City marriage record listing parents Matthew Greer and Ruth Aligan (a common misspelling). Continue reading

What part of “any person” does Justice Roberts not understand ?

Today the Supreme Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. In his dissent Justice Roberts suggested that there was nothing relevant in the Constitution. How about the 14th Amendment?

Amendment XIV
Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

What part of “any person” does Justice Roberts not understand? I know Justice Scalia has trouble with concepts such as “all persons” or “any person” but I thought Justice Roberts was better.

#TheNewTen and #NewerDollars

I just got back for Ireland and Northern Ireland and I see one of the discussions in the U.S. involves replacing Alexander Hamilton on the ten dollar bill with a woman (see #TheNewTen on twitter). And there are several woman candidates but we haven’t settled on one yet.

Well, I don’t think the ten dollar bill is the right place for at least 2 reasons. I also don’t see a clear reason to pick one of the suggested women over the other suggestions for this honor.

First to the ten. Alexander Hamilton was one of the Founding Fathers. He never became president but is very important. He probably had more to do with getting the country off on a sound financial footing than anyone else. For this reason, it seems that keeping him on a bill is appropriate.

If we are to free-up a bill to honor a woman, I’d suggest the twenty dollar bill is more suitable. Continue reading

John Greer in Folsom Prison

As mentioned before I’ve been filling in some details on collateral relatives in hopes I’ll find something that gives me some insight or additional direction on my more direct line. More specifically, I’ve been looking at the John Greer and Julia Mary Hopkins family of New York City.

I’ve previously written about two sons Charles John Greer and Horace A. Greer.

Now I add a third son with legal trouble, John J. Greer. I do not know what the J is for. It seems very probable that this is the same John J. Greer that was in Folsom Prison (Folsom, CA) in the 1940s. Second degree burglary put Greer in Folsom. His prior record included prison stays for theft and counterfeiting in New York, Connecticut, Atlanta (GA), and Lewisburg (PA).

If this sounds familiar to anyone, I’d be eager to hear and glad to share any information.

Matthew Greer, son of John

This is about Matthew Greer. But there are 3 people in my family tree named Matthew Greer and so I specified above that he was the son of John Greer.

This Matthew Greer lived at home, first with his parent and then his widowed mother. In the last record I found on him, he was living with his mother in the 1925 New York census. Then the trail went cold. I could not find him in subsequent census records or in any type of record. Continue reading

Help with Irish research

These tips will point you in the direction of some good resources. In your case, some may be helpful and some not so helpful.

1. Maybe someone has already done a good bit of work on your family but you don’t know it. Perhaps a third or fourth cousin you don’t know. Or there might be some people searching the same surname who are not closely related but may have some advice. One way to check that out is my surname page (not ready yet) . Another option is to use Google or some other search engine to find the names that interest you. Be creative in your search terms!

2. There are also mailing lists where you get emails on a topic which could be a surname or an interest such as Irish genealogy or even as local as Co Limerick genealogy. Maillists work by sending a copy of each message to posted to all subscribers. Some lists are very small and some are large. Continue reading

The Forgotten Room

The Forgotten Room: A Novel by Lincoln Child was an enjoyable book.

The opening chapter got my attention. Then I thought the next part was just interesting enough to keep me turn pages. Since I read this on my Kindle Fire, I kept touching the screen to advance to the next page. This would be about 20% of the book or about 60 pages since the hardback is a bit over 300 pages. Continue reading

Shipwreck off Ireland 1822

Before getting to the shipwreck off Ireland, let me tell you where I read about it. After all the shipwreck is old news and there’s no rush in getting to the story.

I live just outside West Chester, PA and I signed up for emails from a downtown West Chester business association. Even retired guys try to keep up with what is happening locally. Continue reading

Wolfe Tone in America

Theobald Wolfe Tone, better known as Wolfe Tone, was co-founder of the United Irishmen and an Irish revolutionary of the late 18th century.

At first this political movement attempted to unite the both the Protestants and Catholics of Ireland and sought reform to the parliament to give the all Irishmen more rights. After several years the leaders of the United Irishmen realized reform was impossible and sought revolution to gain independence for Ireland. Continue reading

War on Science

There seems to be a war on science. I am a scientist so my bias is to believe something is probable when most reputable scientists in the relevant field say it is true.

Sure, science gets is wrong once every now and then but not very often. Science is a self-correcting process and mistakes are normally discovered pretty quickly. I suppose a betting man would lose a lot of money by betting against something that most scientists agree with. Continue reading

My Irish genealogy website

I am continuing the update of my Irish genealogy website.

The site serves as the County Limerick pages for IrelandGenWeb. In addition, I have a good place to read or post genealogical queries on the name Reidy and its variants. Also some good information of the REIDY, RIEDY, REEDY, READY, etc name.

The site has lots of links and resources for those of us with family from County Limerick.

I had a good bit of information on Irish Genealogy and I expect it will all be there shortly. Right now I have almost everything on the Reidy name moved, a most of what I have on County Limerick, and some general Irish genealogy information.

And it is all free to use.