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This is getting tiresome

Tiresome is the word that came to mind. I wasn’t sure if it was the right word.

So I looked it up. Well, a lookup online. I knew I had a dictionary around but it seemed so much easier this way.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary online offers “causing you to feel bored, annoyed, or impatient”. So it looks like I found a good word because –
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Misdirect and delay, again

Delay the probe in the Russian interference in the 2016 elections and possible collusion by the Trump administration. Misdirect and mislead us so we don’t notice the delay. Misdirect and delay, again.

When will we ever learn? I had just written about the bizarre actions of Rep. Nunez, chair of the House Intelligence Committee which to me seemed to be an attempt to delay the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 elections and possible collusion by the Trump administration.
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House Intelligence Committee

What is going on with Representative Devin Nunes, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee? Is this just another distraction to delay looking into Russian interference in the 2016 election and the possible collusion of President Trump oor his associates?

This this just another example of misdirection?

Supreme Court vacancy: Senator McConnell’s second chance

Senator Mitch McConnell made history when he stopped the Senate from doing it’s job in holding hearings to allow President Obama to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. His somewhat novel theory was that a President had limited powers during his last year in office and should not nominate someone for the Supreme Court if there was a vacancy.

Senator McConnell now has a second chance to make history, President Trump has nominated Judge Gorsuch to fill that vacancy. But President Trump is now under FBI investigation for colluding with Russia to influence the 2016 election. It seems to me that this is reason enough to stop the confirmation process now.
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Cybersecurity : Hack-Proof Your Life Now!

The full title is Hack-Proof Your Life Now! The New Cybersecurity Rules: Protect your email, computers, and bank accounts from hacks, malware, and identity theft by Sean M. Bailey  and Devin Kropp .

Highly recommended.  I thought I was good about cybersecurity and keeping the bad guys from hacking into my accounts.  I consider myself an experienced computer user and pretty good about safety  online but I learned quite a bit here.
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Free Irish Genealogy Records from NEHGS

The New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) is providing free access to their collection of Irish Genealogy Records for St Patrick’s Day and more (March 15-22).

All Irish resources are FREE from March 15-22. This includes databases, guides and webinars. So there is no cost and no reason not to check out the NEHGS.

You might decide the FREE membership is right for you or maybe you’ll decided to join as a paying member. In any case you might find that elusive Irish genealogy record for free, or something else worthwhile, for nothing.

The NEHGS is at https://www.americanancestors.org

English translation needed for American Health Care Act

I took Paul Ryan’s advice. I usually don’t do that and regretted it almost immediately. And this is my story.

To much ado, Speaker Ryan introduced the American Health Care Act to the country.

The American Health Care Act is a plan to drive down costs, encourage competition, and give every American access to quality, affordable health insurance.

Or at least so he said. Furthermore this bill was available online at readthebill.gop
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Rushing the American Health Care Act

The House leadership is rushing the American Health Care Act through the committee process.

Apparently there is no time to wait for the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates on cost or likely effects of this bill. No time to discuss and debate improvements. No time to consider that millions may lose insurance and access to health care. No time to consider that some of them will probably die.

Do Republican leaders think that giving legislators a bit of time to think and understand might make it less likely that the American Health Care Act will pass?

Should we repair Obamacare or repeal and replace ?

Yesterday, I read 2 opposing views on the Obamacare/health care controversy. I am more a repair Obamacare person but I think both are well worth reading. So continuing the trend started yesterday on this blog, I will write about things I read in the Sunday paper.

We get 2 Sunday papers, the New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer. I discussed an article about retirement plans in the Times yesterday. Today it will be a pair of articles in the Inquirer about Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) .
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Republicans against retirement saving

Republicans often talk about individual responsibility and state-level innovation and things like saving for the future or retirement. But they seem to be against state programs that will help with retirement saving. Why?

Is it because this is directed toward workers without an employer retirement plan who tend to be poorer? Is it because this innovation was supported by a Democratic administration? Is it because Wall Street cannot make its share of profit off this?

I don’t know the motivation to prevent these retirement saving plans but Republicans in the House seem very intent on repealing the regulations that make this possible.

These plans make perfect sense to me and I wrote about the Republican opposition to them several weeks back (see Repeal but not replaced ). But I am not an economist so I was interested to read an article on this by a professor of economics.

This is not an academic or technical article on retirement saving.

So here is how it starts –

Thirty-nine million Americans work for an employer without a payroll-deduction retirement savings plan, and many of them are saving little or nothing. In the absence of a federal plan for this problem, states including California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland and Oregon have taken it upon themselves to create their own solutions.

This flurry of state-level innovation might be cause for celebration, except for one major impediment: Congress may kill the nascent plans. Why? Republicans, who typically call for less regulation, say the state programs won’t be sufficiently regulated. You can’t make this stuff up.

See, not very dry at all. It is well worth reading the whole thing, so here is a link –

State I.R.A. Plans Are Ready, if Congress Doesn’t Interfere

Country before party, really?

Remember when politicians used to say “country before party” and seem to mean it. They still say it but I don’t see much evidence for it. Watch what they do rather than what they say.

Yes, Democrats looks like they are putting country before party by calling for investigations into some of the stuff President Trump is doing or may have done but it is hard to separate the patriotic from the partisan since they seem to require saying the same thing.

But Republicans still say they stand for country before party but don’t seem to be doing much to show us they actually believe that. Is that a case of party before country? Do they think this will help deliver the Republican agenda? Is that the important thing?

Watch what they do rather than what they say.

Why is President Trump against an independent investigation ?

I don’t understand why President Trump and the Republicans are against an independent investigation.

Our intelligence agencies agree that the Russians interfered in our election. There are suggestions that the Trump campaign may have been aware or perhaps aided in this. But that is far from proven.

We have now learned of multiple contacts between the campaign and the Russians. They may be totally innocent but it looks bad.
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Visit to the Newseum in Washington DC

Earlier this month my wife and I decided to visit Washington, DC. We thought of several places we could easily see in one day but our first stop was the Newseum and it was so interesting that we ended up spending most of our day there.

We had started off in Alexandria on Friday and enjoyed walking around and seeing the sights and thought we could spend Saturday in D.C. and then head home on Sunday.  We had stayed in the Embassy Suites which was just across the street from
the Metro stop. It was a great place to stay as it was convenient to both Alexandria Old Town and DC. The hotel was just a couple blocks from King Street with its many shops and restaurants. If you want to go to older part of King nearer to the river, it is a good walk. We enjoyed the walk but some might opt for the free trolley.
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Misdirection overload

I think all the news and tweets coming out of President Trump’s administration is misdirection overload. About a month ago I wrote about misdirection here in a post called While we were being misdirected.

In the past month the news about President Trump, both real and fake, has just accelerated. I think this is not only misdirection but information overload so we are not only misdirected but we forget some of the bad stuff.

And it is hard to know what bad stuff is just bad stuff they want us to forget or bad stuff to distract us from what they are doing. The misdirection continues. And the information overload continues.
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Nonpartisan investigation on Russian influence

We need a nonpartisan investigation on Russian influence on the presidential election of 2016, the Trump campaign, and President Trump’s administration.   There are so many unknowns but there is highly suggestive evidence for at least the election and campaign.  I think it also reasonable to look into the possibility that this Russian influence may extend into the administration as many of the same individuals are involved.

There is little doubt that Russia intervened in our election in favor of candidate Donald Trump.  There are reports that Trump campaign aides had contacts with Russian intelligence but this is disputed by  President Trump’s administration.  For a good review of the situation see the PBS story which is now a few days old.
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