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This is my home page. In the genealogy section you can easily get to resources on Irish Surnames, County Limerick, the surname Reidy or my own family (Reidy, Tracey, Greer, Allingham, MacKenzie and so forth). Look around, enjoy, and maybe learn something useful.

Some of you may have visited my pages at Geocities in the past few years. Sadly, the Geocities free pages program ended. At this new site, I will be able to do more things and hope to improve the site as I learn.

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You may have come to this index page from a search engine or may have been referred from another site. So you may be at this index but want to find a page within my site. First let me say that the navigation links are at the top of the page . On your right may be some links to commerical sites or links to my comments on those sites. If you want to know why, see my About and Contact page.

This layout will be the case for most of you but some browsers may not render this as I intented but you should be able to find them without too much trouble. Some pages I have not redone yet so the top links may not be there but the links should be fairly obvious.

If you don't want to try to navigate to my page on your topic, you can try my Search in the navigation links. There is a search box there that will let you search for your topics of interest both on this site and on the internet in general.

Both the Search and Navigation links methods should be fairly easy ways to move around my site. But if I'm wrong and you do have trouble, drop me an email (see my address in the footer).

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I thank Munster business for the photo on this page. It is a busness directory but also has lots of free pictures of Munster.