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Gail Blair: (email:
My Grandfather was Martin Patrick Reidy born 8th sept 1889 in Kilrush on the Reidy Family farm Tulley Crine leased from Captain Vandeleur the farm was 65 acres also they leased 8 acres from Lord Butler. Martins parents were John reidy Born 1839-1923 and mother Mary Anne Sharkey born 1855 di-1893. Mary Anne died when Martin as approx. 4 years old John brought the family to the west coast of New Zealand in sept 1896. All the children of John were born in Ireland. John 1874-1956, Michael 1875-1966, James 1877-?, William 1878-1962, Mary 1880-1977, Daniel 1882-1952, Patrick 1884-1947, Thomas 1885-1956, Joseph 1887-1960, Martin 1889-1953. Martin died In Rotorua nz buried in Ngongotaha. John the father died in Auckland and is buried at Waikaraka cemetery NZ. My gedmatch no is A921035

Charlene McCarthy: (
I have Margaret REIDY who married David SHANAHAN 06 Mar 1886 Killeedy, Glenquin, Limerick, Ireland. They had seven children: John 21 Mar 1887, Ben 31 May 1888, David 05 Jan 1890, Margaret 05 Mar 1893, Mary 15 May 1894, Honora 29 Feb 1896 and Ita 14 Jul 1898. I have nothing further on Margaret REIDY and/or husband David SHANAHAN who must connect to my Killeedy lot.

My great-great-grandfather, David McCARTHY (1813) son of Owen McCARTHY and Johanna “Anna” GRIFFIN was baptized with his twin brother, Denis, Mahoonagh Parish, Co Limerick.

David McCARTHY (1813) married Margaret SHANAHAN 28 Feb 1843 Killeedy Civil Parish. I have nothing further on Owen McCARTHY and/or Johanna “Anna” GRIFFIN.

I cannot, for the life of me get any further but DNA doesn’t even show MCCARTHY results but does show PAUL, LESLIE, MCKENZIE, MATHESON, and others I have no idea where, where, why, or how …

I need to be able to continue with MCCARTHY / GRIFFIN / SHANAHAN to attempt to find the missing GENETIC ancestor. Ugh … suggestions?

My twin brother, David Joseph McCarthy, has haplogroup R-A14 which I have no idea where to from here!!!!
Charlene Darla McCarthy GEDmatch No: T342439 and FTDNA
David Joseph McCarthy GEDmatch No.:T660871 and FTDNA Y-DNA37

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