Web Hosts

When I decided to move my website from a free host, I looked at a good number of web hosts. There are quite a few websites that evaluate web hosts. (Just do a search.) I looked at the hosts recommended by each and searched to see what I could find our about each. I liked BlueHost the best. They seem to have everything I need now and those things I might need as I learn more. In addition I knew someone who has used BlueHost for a business website and was happy with them. So everything looked pretty good for BlueHost.

After looking quite a bit and thinking about it I decided on BlueHost. They seemed to have everything I might ever need and I had heard they were quite reliable. I have been a customer for a while now (since May 2009) and I am happy with my decision. Whenever something comes up that I don't know how how to do (and that is a lot), BlueHost has a helpful video linked to the cPanel.

So if you think you'd like to try your pages on BlueHost, click the link below to find out more
CLICK HERE to learn more about BLUEHOST.COM.

disclosure: The link will take you to the BlueHost website. It's free to look around but if you decide to sign up for hosting, BlueHost pays me a commission.