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You might want to try this customized search first, It uses the power of GOOGLE to find whatever search terms you list paired with the words (genealogy OR surname) to optimize your search to find relevant sites. Also Google Safe-Search is on to minimze the chances of finding offensive sites.

Custom Search

I often try multiple search engines when I am looking for something. Each does things a bit differently and so by trying a few you increase the chances that you’ll find new web sites.

  • GoodSearch  This is a neat idea. Do a search and raise a penny or so for your favorite charity. (All those pennies add up!) I have the Breast Cancer Research Foundation set as the default but you can change it by clearing my choice when you get the search page.

  • Google Google is the most popular lately but don’t limit yourself to 1 search engine.

  • Mocavo Optimized for genealogy. Try it.

  • duckduckgo The search engine that doesn’t track you.

  • Yahoo 

  • ixQuick 

  • MetaCrawler 

  • Bing from Microsoft

  • Dogpile 

  • Webcrawler 

  • Lycos 

  •  a list of search engines

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