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Over the years, users of this page have sent me a bit of information – trivia some would call it – on various Reidy records, etc. I’ve been sort of keeping these in case they ever came in handy but perhaps a better use would be to list them here. If you have a useful bit of Reidy information, please sent it along. Also if you have sent me something you think should be here, I probably lost it over the years so remind me and send it again. I’m not particularly interested in something specifically tied to your line as I figure that will be covered in broad outline in the summaries and you can share details with someone who expressed interest. But if you think you have something that might be of general interest or just useful to someone, send it along.

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Ray Marshall (email:raymarshREMOVE@mninter.net) is trying to find connections among the numerous Reidy families of the Castleisland area. There are quite a few Castleisland families listed here. So I ask all of those and anyone else with Reidys/Reedies/Readies/etc. from the Castleisland area to keep in touch with Ray.

From Jack Reidy (me): I ran across info this Reidy family from Tulligmacthomas Limerick Ireland . Although this family is no relation that I know of, I thought it might help someone.


I was looking at a film of the 1905 New York State Census and this caught my eye. Although this family is no relation that I know of, I thought it might help someone.

address: 316 W. 28th St, New York, NY
assembly district 9 election district 19

Name relationship age born yrs in US occupation
Michael Reidy head 38 Ireland 22 Railroad Foreman
Annie wife 35 U.S.
Erin dau 15 U.S.
Leila dau 13 U.S.

This is another one from me: I was looking for something else in Footnote (now fold3) and ran into this record in the 1860 census.

address: Moline, Rock Island Illinois

Name sex age born occupation
Martin Reidy m 35 Ireland ?? Carriage Maker
Marcella f 35 Ireland wife
John m 8 NY ?
Ann f 5 Do
James m 3 Ill
Elizabeth f 1 Do

This is another one from me: I was looking on the Library of Congress (LOC) website.

John Reidy (Navy deserter) admits to murder in NYC hotel, 1920, LOC: New-York tribune, December 05, 1920
The same aquitted and address in Milwaukee given LOC: New-York tribune, April 10, 1921

More from Library of Congress (LOC) website.

Anna Reidy marries Wifred “Rosy” Ryan of NY Giants, 1922, LOC: New-York tribune, October 06, 1922

More from Library of Congress (LOC) website.

Lt. M.E. Reidy of the Fighting 69th, 1916, LOC:New-York tribune., June 22, 1916

Tim Reidy asked : (email: wireelectricREMOVE@adelphia.net) There are a fair amount of Reidy families in Elmira & Chemung County, New York. When & where in Ireland did they come from? our family came from Tullycrine, County Clare approx 1900.

From Susan Jennison (email:jennisonREMOVE@iowatelecom.net )
From the church records of Raheenagh, County Limerick :
Married July 22, 1855

From Dennis Reidy:
  Jeremiah Reidy    65th New York Infantry
  buried at Andersonville National Cemetery as he died while a prisoner there.

From John Reidy Treworgy (email: wurci2REMOVE@aol.com)

Killeedy Cemetery (Saint Ida’s) in Limerick:
  • Margaret Reidy 1888 – 1977 Glebe, Monagea and late of Glenquin. Mary Ready.
  • Erected by Patrick Riedy in memory of his father Michael Riedy who died Oct. 23 1862 aged 67 years of his mother Elizabeth Riedy alias Lacy who died April 5 1870 aged 65 y of his brother John who died August 22 1862 age 36 years and of his sister Ellen.
  • Erected by Mrs. Mary Reidy of Gardenfield in memory of her beloved husband Jeremiah Reidy who died Sept the 11th 1868 aged 68 years & also of her children her son William died June the 24th 1824 her daughter Bridget died August 15th 1852.
  • In loving memory of William and Catherine Reidy, Ballinaha Ballingarry died 6 Dec 1962 and 20 Dec 1975 and their daughter Eileen d. 15 Dec 1991.
  • Erected by George Reedy in memory of his father Jeremiah Reedy who died January 3rd 1827 aged 83 years also his sister Mary Pickley alias Reedy died Aug 1st 1816 aged 41 years.
Cloncagh Cemetery in Limerick:
  • Erected by Catherine Reidy of Mundillihy in memory of her beloved husband James Reidy who departed life March 11th 1851 aged 58 years also her daughter Eileen who died Dec 1st 1859 aged 28 years.

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