Welcome to all with Irish ancestry!

This is the index or home page for my genealogy section. From here you can easily get to resources on Irish Surnames, County Limerick, the surname Reidy or the genealogy of my own family (Reidy, Tracey, Greer, Allingham, MacKenzie and so forth). Welcome to all with Irish ancestry! Look around, enjoy, and maybe learn something useful.

Limerick Ireland pages

My County Limerick pages (see menu above) are resources for genealogy, history, and general interest. The resources consist largely of links to sites you may find interesting or useful and the occasional bit of information provided by me.

How these pages are arranged

Adare cottageThis new site is a work in progress as I’ve recent changed from HTML to WordPress. In the long-term I think this will be an improvement. I will be able to do more things and hope to improve the site as I learn. But right now my major task is trying to move all the content from my old site.

You may have come to this index page from a search engine or may have been referred from another site. So you may be at this index but want to find a page within my site. First let me say that the navigation links or tabs are at the top of the page.

As you hover over each tab, you will see the sub-pages (if any). If you click on the sub-page you will go to that page. If you click on the tab itself, you will go to the main page in that area. I will also have a list of sub-pages on the main page.

On your right may be some links to commercial sites or links to my comments on those sites. If you want to know why, see my About page.

This layout will be the case for most of you but some browsers may not render this as I intended but you should be able to find them without too much trouble. Some pages I have not redone yet.

I use the contact form on my blog if you want to get in touch. Comments are certainly welcome. If you are commenting on a specific page, please be clear about which it is (copy and paste of the URL or location works fine or just tell me the name of the page and I’ll figure it out!).

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