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Those researching specific Irish surnames may find this list of webpages useful. If you are interested in genealogy or family history and your family originated from or passed through Ireland, this is a good place to be looking. Even if a given surname page does not include your line of descent, it may have some useful information for you.

I would like to assemble a fine collection of links to webpage about specific Irish surnames, family associations, clan societies, etc. So please help if you can! If a link here doesn't work or you have a problem with it, let me know. If you know of a page suitable for inclusion which I missed, let me know that too. ( I do want to hear from you if you have such a page.) I'll try to keep this current but that only works if you let me know of problems, changes of address, and more pages that should be added. (see my ABOUT page for contact information)

You may find some valuable information or just find someone with an interest in the same surname. I'll call these surname links . Sometimes the pages deal with specific families. Sometimes they are for everyone concerned with the surname. I am trying to compile links to those pages for Irish families. I'll try to be inclusive, we may think of a name as being English, Scots, Swiss, French or German but if some of those folks passed through Ireland, you may find a link here. These family websites may help you in your search.

If you think this type of surname list is useful for other genealogists, please consider linking to it if you have a website.

Be sure to look for variations on the name you want. Sometimes it's an obvious set like, Connor, Connors, and O'Connor. Or it could be trickier, like Egan, Eagan, MacEgan, Keagan, Keegan, and Hagan. Or how about Gow, McGowan, and Smith?

A search with your surname of interest might turn up something interesting. Be creative with your searching a try pairing the name with places or terms such as genealogy, family, or history. Since search engines differ, it will be to your advantage to try several.

Look for the unexpected!

Due to my family's Munster origin, I was especially interested in reading Clan Kennedy's page on Dál gCais origins. Sometimes it is useful to look at names you are not searching as people often have information about other families. I guess my point is that you can pick up some useful information by reading webpages that at first glance may not seem to really apply to you. So look around!

General Info on Links

Also if you want, please have a look at my General Irish links or other pages listed in the menu above.

And just a word of warning so you are not confused. All these links should open in a new browser window or tab (depending on your browser and settings). This page will remain open.

Nearly all of these are external links and will open a new window or tab with most browsers. But if you'll be leaving this site, bookmark it before you go!

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Use my Search Page if you don't find anything below or if you just want to look for more. The search page opens in a new tab or window but my "Irish Surnames Links" page remains open in case you want to return.

Irish Surname websites

              - alphabetical pages

I used to have this as one big page with all the listings. But it was kind of large so I subdivided the long list into a few shorter lists. This might make it a bit easier to find you main name of interest but if you have several names or variants, it may require you to look at a few pages.

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