A gathering of REIDYs

A place to enter your genealogical summary of your REIDY, RIEDY, REEDY, READY, or similarly surnamed ancestors and read the summaries of others. I hope this will result in useful contacts among those searching this name. If you are interested in family history or genealogy and have a REIDY in your family tree, check this out. My interest in Irish Reidys but I'd be happy to list others here as well.

Read the queries here and think about yours. You might be a Reidy or a descendent of one. If you think you would like to add a query , just email me. (see my ABOUT page for contact information.) Probably a good idea to give some information about both the ancestor of interest and at least one generation of descendants but that depends on waht you know and what you think your long-lost relatives may know.

Our name has been recorded as REIDY, RIEDY, REEDY, and READY . These surnames are derived from the Irish name O'RIADA. I would like this to be a meeting place for all with an interest in REIDY and the variant spellings of REIDY.

The list of queries is divided into 2 pages: irish origins where county is known and everything else including: unknown origin (includes Irish and non-Irish); similarnames of Irish origin; and similar or identical names of non-Irish origin.

Because the pages were getting kind of big, I am making it easier to find new queries. I will add new listings to the page but copy them to a page with just new listings. I'll date them on the new listings page and keep new stuff there for at least a month. New listings will be on regular pages as well as the new listings page.

The Reidy Menu:

Since nearly everyone ends their query saying something like "Thanks in advance" or "would love to contact other family members in Ireland or elsewhere", I've left that part off to save a little space and make your viewing go a bit quicker. For the same reasons I may offer fewer details than the researcher shared with me. So write to the submitter if you think there is any chance there may be a connection or you may know something helpful.

Be aware that this page is only a list of researchers and the summaries they provided. Do not assume the entries on this page to be historical fact. The purpose is merely to list interests of researchers and give you enough information that you might find someone with an interest in common. People put listings here because they are interested in sharing more details if you think you might have any connection. Don't be shy about writing.

Certain words appear over and over. To save space they are shortened here.

  • mar (or m) - married, marriage etc
  • b - born
  • c - circa or about
  • d- died
  • dau - daughter(s)

If you are interested in genealogy and have any connection with one of these names, please contact me (see the footer of this page or my contact page) and allow me to post your name, email address, URL (if you have one) and a brief summary.

The main focus of this list is Irish names derived from O'RIADA but others will also be listed as space and time permit.

I quite a few listings without a working email address. If you have a query here, please check to make sure the email is OK. If you need to update the email address or anything else in the query, just let me know.

If a WWW link is available it will contain more information on the families described and the submitter. Click onthe underlined (WWW) after the name to follow that link. Click on the underlined (email) for a pop-up email form. In most cases, this should launch your email program with a prefilled address.

Email addresses can be harvested from web pages by spammers. So I am trying to defeat those automated address harvesters by adding the word REMOVE to the address listed here. Please be sure to remove the word before sending your emails.