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Amazon is so much more than an online bookstore. Not only books and music but computers, home supplies, pet supplies and much more. If you enter through my links, you can look around as much as you like.

Barnes and Noble

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A strong online presence as well as actual stores where you can browse (if one is near you). I've bought online from them and at the bookstores.

Like the idea of ebooks? Have a smart phone or a PC? Checkout bn.com. Barnes and Noble sells ebooks which can you read with the app for your iPhone. The eReader also works with Blackberries, other smart phones, or your PC.


I've not used them yet but they've been around for a long time. Perhaps one of these days! They also have a program where you can sell books.


Books Genealogy

The purpose of this page is to try to provide several resources for finding Irish (and General) Genealogy Books. The online sellers listed here offer many advantages and specials and it is hard to keep up with particulars as they can changes. So rather that give you old or incorrect information, I'll just refer you to each site. Many also have a program where you can sell books.

I read this one a while back. Wonderful historical fiction about New York. Follows several families across multiple geneations to tell the strory of NY City from Dutch days to the present.

Support your local independent bookstore, if you can

I'm a fan of the local independent bookstore but that doesn't work for everyone. Maybe you want a book they don't carry. Maybe they are too far away and it is easier to buy online. Maybe it is just cheaper online. You have options. Consider buying though this site.