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DNA evidence in genealogy

I just read an interesting post by Blaine Bettinger. If you are interested in the use of DNA evidence in genealogy, it is well worth a read.

The article is The DNA Era of Genealogy. Blaine Bettinger also has 2 books which will probably be of interest if you are looking at DNA results or considering adding DNA to you genealogy toolbox.

I have both in paperback. I find it easier to go back and re-read sections as needed as well as looking at some of the figures. I am reading both for an overview but like having the book to read in detail as needed.

Note that Amazon has both the paperback and Kindle edition of The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy but only the Kindle version of Genetic Genealogy in Practice. The paperpack of the latter is available from the National Genealogical Society.

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