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Calendars of Wills and Administrations, National Archives of Ireland

I had posted this months ago but thought I would update it. This website will give useful (but limited) information for those of us doing Irish genealogy research. The Calendars of Wills and Administrations, 1858 – 1922 at the National Archives of Ireland can be searched via a simple form.

The webpage to search this is at http://www.willcalendars.nationalarchives.ie/search/cwa/index.jsp.

The information on the site is rather limited but sometimes it proves useful. For example, I am interested in Thomas Allingham of Glencar (Sracreeghan), Co. Leitrim, Ireland and know his date of death.

Thomas Allingham (c1798-1883) was a farmer in Sracreeghan, Killasnet Parish, Co. Leitrim, Ireland. This part of the parish was called Glencar or Glenlough. he died on 2 Aug 1883

A search revealed the value of his estate but more importantly that letters of administration were granted to his spinster daughter Anne Allingham and that they were granted in Ballina. So now I know the name of a child I had been unaware of and think the Ballina connection may be useful in finding more information

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