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Harmattan by Gavin Weston, an update

Today I found a comment on my review of Harmattan by Gavin Weston with a notation that the commenter had reviewed this book on her blog and liked it as well. So since it had been a while since I reviewed the book and there were few other reviews then, I thought I would give an update with a list of reviews. By the way, I liked the book very much and thought the message very important.

First, for the latest information on the book, you might want to visit the author’s website, http://www.gavinwestonbooks.com/. On another site is also a guest blog by Gavin Weston about why he wrote this book.

I looked at Amazon and saw the Kindle edition is out (and only $5.99 when I looked) but the paperback won’t be released in the US until June, 2013. It is already out in the UK. So your options in the US appear to be buy the Kindle version or pre-order the paperback (or just wait). Or I guess you could buy from a non-US store and have it shipped.

That link is to the Kindle edition but you can easy move to the print edition if that is your preference.

So here are a few reviews I found:

All the reviews I’ve seen are favorable. I would say almost all reviewers think this is a very good book and/or highly recommend it. So at least now I know it is just not me. I hope Mr. Weston continues to write.

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