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I’ve just added DownToTheSea to my blogroll (at right). It is an interested blog. Well worth a visit. The author has several Irish lines so have a look. See http://downtothesea.wordpress.com/about/ to read the about page.

What attracted my attention was the recent entry on the extremely damp spring and summer we are having now in the northeast of the US and the re-appearance of the fungal crop disease that caused the Great Famine in Ireland that brought many of our ancestors of the US.

There is also quite a bit of good information on the Family Search pilot site; the NY state census was of particular interest to me.

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I retired in 2008 and so I have more time now to devote to several of my interests The blog here is mainly for my interests in some current events but may have the occasional rant on other subjects. I have also decided to keep my genealogy posts here instead of in a second blog (and so simplify my life a little).
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